You Could Own a Slave

I have been lately so busy with my summer project and my summer course on the history of Latin America; the history of blood and fire, the history of the encounters, colonies and enslaving of human beings. This absolutely fits in our life today, with all the cruelty and brutality going on in the world..

Brief Talk on Enslaving.. of a History of 300 Years of Revolution 
I was laughing how the slavery in this world did not “end”, at least in law, until around the 1860s. That is, slavery ended less than 150 years from today(1860s-2012)

In 1865, slavery ended in the US by the end of the American Civil War (147 years ago). Later on, in late 1860s and early 1870s slaves were freed in Portugal and Brazil.

Is 150 years too long?!
To make you feel how little 150 years is, you probably now your name at least up to four parents right? Well, your 2nd grandfather most likely did live during a time when slavery was still existing in some parts of the world.
Can you imagine this, before 150 years, you could have a slave..! I hope you don’t wish that.

When did slavery started?!
The most known account, is that slavery started around early 1440s, when the Portuguese brought 10 Africans capatives to Portugal as a gift to Prince Henry. Which started the slave trade at period of time.

When did the Rebellion and revolutions started?
About a 112 years later, in 1552, Africans in Hispaniola revolved. Since then, several revolutions started until the late 19th century.

And yes, although slave rebellions first appeared around 1550s, they did not gain freedom until the late 1890s, that’s more than a 300 years of blood, rebel, and revolutions.

Today, many people laugh at the rebellions and revolutionists. Laughing at their death. At the their blood that spills and cover the streets. But, yes, history tells us that the price of freedom is Blood. And many years of blood, can be hundreds, less or more. The blood may coagulate, but never evaporates..

Have a taste of enslaving…

Punishment of Slaves, Madagascar, 1850s

Metal Collar to Prevent Running Away, South Carolina, 1830s

Enslaved Africans in a Coffle, Eastern Sudan, 1848

The slaves of today
Todays enslaving is somewhat different. May be you are alive, and the above pictures doesn’t apply to your life, but..

Are you free to write?
Are you free to read?
Are you free to talk?
Are you free to travel?
Are you free to speak up?
Are you free to…?!

Today’s enslaving is not just to your body, but also to your mind.
I’m not going to say much about this but one question:

Are you free?! 


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