Power’, inspired by MANU CHAO – BIXO’

When I first heard this song, it trigged something in me.
Usually I would find the lyrics and translate it to English, but not with this song.
I just started writing.
I listened and write.
Listened. and write again..and again…
So I think below is what this songs means, to me.

“There is a power up in the air,
A power that pushes me to fail,
A power that controls my heart
A power that prickle my nerves”

Fight and look up in the air!
Fight for a brighter path,
Fight for an endless light,
Fight for the love of You!

“This power is holding me down
Making me feel I’m not to win
I refuse to listen,
Refuse to look down”

Refuse to give up for life,
Refuse to be in the aphotic.
Fight the outside, with the inside.
Fight with love, kiss your own hands.
Pour blood in your own heart,
keeping you stay alive.
A power inside stronger than,
Than lightning of the sky.

“One day we will sing,
Will sing side by side.”

You are the dance of life,
You are the light inside.

You are the ocean rhyme,
You are the one to look inside,
You are the the one, the one to find.
You are the one, the one to save.
You are the one..!
You are the one..!

We are the one to share love,
To share love, with our hearts.
We are the one to dance,
To dance above the sand.

All of the people, all of the people.
Share the love, all of the people..
Dance like the waves of the sound, all of the people..all of the people..


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