Religious wars, Ugliest Wars of All.

Education, health, jobs, free choice is a right for everyone to have.
We all can find a common land in there.
We all can share the land of freedom.

However, when religion is involved,
Everyone gets confused.
It confuses people wether it’s about freedom, or something else.
Now no one is sure if we have a common ground, no one sure if they can trust the other person, everyone is confuse where to stand.

When religion is involved, we wonder,
Is the “other person” fighting for their own freedom, or for everyone’s freedom?

When religion is involved,
Everyone worries, what would happen to me if the other person wins?

When religion is involved, everyone gets confused.

I’m very supportive of freedom of speech, education, spiritual practices..
However, should I worry when religion is involved?

Does the “other” person wants freedom for everyone?
Would they guarantee it for everyone if “they” win?
Or is freedom a common shared ground, that “I” and the “other”, share and seek for everyone?

Religion Kills, unfortunately, to each religion its sins.
Killing in the name of religion, is an ugly fact that most religious groups practiced throughout history. (especially all major religions).

Let’s think carefully before we act, if we want to fight for freedom, we should fight for the freedom of everyone, everyone deserves to be free; men and women, everyone.

Yet, I’m still very supportive of everyone’s right to speak out.

Freedom of speech, should be guaranteed to everyone.
Everyone should have the right to speak out; men and women, everyone.

Let’s seek freedom of everyone, not for me and “my people”, but for everyone.
“Stand up for your rights..”
“Breathe, to speak out..”

I will leave you with some freedom songs.. songs for the people..

Breathe to speak out,
Take off as far as an eagle swift.
Breathing future splendor,
Makes more sense if we see them.
Freedom from all shame,
Take the reins,
Do not give up the oppressor.
Walking tall, without fear,
Breathe and speak out.

Sacar La Voz by Ana Tijoux

Politik needs force
Politik needs cries
Politik needs ignorance
Politik needs lies

Politik Kills by Manu Chao

Get Up, Stand Up, don’t give up the fight
Preacher man don’t tell me heaven is under the earth
know you don’t know what life is really worth
Get Up, Stand Up, stand up for your right

Get Up Stand Up By Bob Marley

هي هي يا سجاني..
هي يا عتمة الزنزانةِ..
عتمك رايح..
ظُلمك رايح..
نسمة بُكرا ما بتنساني..

هي يا سجاني لـ سميح شقير



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