About a Movie: Camila; A Girl, A priest: Forbidden Love

Camila 1984
Produced by María Luisa Bemberg

is a movie about a girl who fall in love with a priest, back in the 1840s.

Camila’s love to the priest is considered very unlawful, as that a priest cannot marry, and he have to dedicate his time to God.

This is a very interesting story, it will show you very interesting aspects about the life back in the 1840s like:
the men and women roles, marriage, forbidden love, religion authority, and the dictatorship of political regimes.

Some good points to think about while watching this movie:
-What role does religion plays in social/personal life?
-What role does the government play in social/personal life?
-The relation between religion, government, and power.
-What is considered “good” reason and “bad” reasons for marriage back in the 1840s?
-How women are looked upon by religion?
-What role does women have in society?
-What is dictatorship?
-What’s honor?

-lines of the movie to think about:

-“Since I’n sending you as sheep among wolves,.. You must be as wise as the snake,.. and as simple as a dove.”

-“What would you do if you fall in love?” -Camila.

-He was born at 9 in the morning, and dies at 5 in the afternoon.
How could he understand the word ‘night’?

You probably can find the movie online.
Watch the movie, enjoy it, and think 😉

Camila 1984


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