About a book: The Best Advice I Ever Got By Katie Couric

Well, I’m listening to the audiobook version, I have only finished the first five parts(out of ten) of the book, & I have to say, before anything else, I’m amazed (or may be blessed) by idea of the book. I’m thankful to Katie Couric for taking the time & effort to collect all these valuable stories from different great people in different disciplines. So, thank you Katie Couric!

What is this book?

This book is a real stories, narrated (or written) by people who are well-known successful artists, musicians, actors, authors, athletics, business men & women, producers, comedians, and many other people from various fields. Here, they briefly took about the ups and down moments of their life, the sad & happy, and how they overcome life obstacles to achieve their dreams. You, most likely have faced and are facing many of these obstacles that they faced, wouldn’t it be good to see how other people dealt with your issues?

If you are asking, Why should I bother reading this book?

I would say, did you ever wanted to ask a famous person how did they succeed? Did you ever wanted to know how an actor, musician, author, millionaire, athlete, or any other successful person, how did they succeed? Did you ever wondered if they are any different from you? If you ever wanted to have a brief talk with a famous person, whether and artist, author, businessman, athletic..etc, then his book is for you!

If you ever wanted to know how someone became famous or successful, this book is for you! If you ever wanted to know how people deal with fear, this book is for you! If you ever wanted to know how people deal with the unfairness of life, this book is for you!

This book is not your ordinary life philosophy book, and not your preaching self-development guide, this book is a brief highlights & inspirations of the life of many well-known people who succeeded in reaching their potential, and living their dreams.

This book is for the child, the teen, the student, the parents, this is a people book, for the people, for us. This book is real!

Here are some glances of the stories these people share in the book, to read the full stories (which are fun & educating), you will need to get a copy of the book!


Katie Couric

Along the way, you’re bound to encounter people who are naysayers and buzz killers. Maybe they’re insecure, maybe they’re bitter, maybe they simply lack imagination. Those people need to be strained from your life like sand from a colander of freshly washed seashells. But then again, some of them may—surprise!—be right. Sure, they could have been more tactful, but both of my hypercritical news directors—men who in so many words told me, “You can’t”— actually did me a favor. I worked harder, got better, and became more determined than ever to prove them wrong.

Katie Couric, the author



Drew Brees


There are many times when an event will happen in your life, something heartbreaking or tragic, and the immediate human response is to ask why. “Why me? Why now? This is the worst thing that has ever happened to me.” We have all had those moments.

-Drew Brees, Quarterback for the New Orleans Saints.




Apolo Ohno

After I’ve crossed the finish line in a race, I sometimes think to myself, Oh my gosh, the past four years of my life have been dedicated to a race that lasted only forty seconds. You know, I can’t remember the forty seconds in their entirety, but I can remember a lot more about the bulk of time leading up to the race when I was training. I think that’s a very useful perspective to have. It’s not about the forty seconds; it’s about the four years, the time it took to get there.

Apolo Ohno, Speed Skater and Eight-Time Medalist in the Winter Olympics.




Matthew McConaughey


Growing up, my dad got mad at me for only two reasons: if I told a lie or if I said “I can’t.” It was easy to understand the “lying” part, but the “can’t” bit took a little longer to figure out.

Matthew McConaughey, Actor, Director, and Creator of the j.k. livin Foundation.




Michelle Kwan

I started figure skating at the age of five, and the first thing my coach taught me was how to fall. I remember gazing up at the coach with a puzzled expression, thinking, Shouldn’t I be learning how to skate? Why is she teaching me how to fall?

Michelle Kwan, Figure-Skating Champion




Robin Roberts

Despite the burn in our thighs and our trembling calf muscles, we weren’t supposed to stand up until we reached the end point. I was in the middle of the pack as we did the drill. When we were finished, Coach Puckett got right in my face and said, “Hon, you are going places in life.” Turns out I was the only one who remained crouched in that uncomfortable position for the entire time. It took discipline, determination, and stamina—traits that come in handy in life. Be patient and persistent. Life is not so much what you accomplish as what you overcome.

Robin Roberts, Emmy Award-Winning Television Broadcaster, Journalist, and Co-Host of Good Morning America.



Wynton Marsalis

When I was a senior in high school, all my teachers and advisers said, “Don’t major in music because it’s too difficult to make a living. You need a ‘real’ profession to fall back on when the dream dies.” Because I was a pretty good student, one teacher even said, “Why would you waste your brain on music?” My mother told me, “Child, if you go into music you’re gonna end up struggling and suffering just like your daddy.”

Wynton Marsalis, Internationally Acclaimed Musician, Composer, Bandleader, and Educator




“Dr. Phil” McGraw

Every now and then, someone who’s going through a tough patch will say to me, “Dr. Phil, you spend a lot of time helping others, but I know that, like everyone else, you have had to struggle in life. How did you handle it? After all, you couldn’t go see Dr. Phil!”

Of course these people are right: There have been many times when I felt so low that down looked up. At points during my childhood, my family was flat-out dirt poor. Once, when my dad lost his job, he and I worked a paper route, throwing newspapers over a fifty-two-mile-long stretch just to keep food on the table.

“Dr. Phil” McGraw, Mental Health Professional, Bestselling Author, and Television Host




Larry King


Learn how to listen. You don’t learn anything when you are talking.
Think about it.

Larry King, Emmy Award-Winning Television and Radio Host




Christina Applegate

After a conversation filled with tears and incredible fear, he said this to me: “You do not have the luxury of negative thought.” Uhhh … okay. “How can I not have negative thoughts when doctors are telling me I can’t do this?” I asked. “And when we are faced with the fact that the show might be forced to close? And that my amazing castmates are about to lose their jobs? Jobs we have all put our hearts and souls into?”

Christina Applegate, Emmy Award-Winning Actress.





Chelsea Handler

Just pay attention. And, no matter what, don’t sleep with your boss.”

Chelsea Handler, Stand-Up Comedian, Bestselling Author, and Television Host




Mario Batali

Life is not a recipe. Recipes are just descriptions of one person’s take on one moment in time. They’re not rules. People think they are. They look as if they are. They say, “Do this, not this. Add this, not that.” But, really, recipes are just suggestions that got written down.”

Mario Batali, Celebrity Chef and Restaurateur.







Ken Chenault

“At the dinner table, my brothers and sister would ask my father what we needed to do to make a difference. He would say that progress could be slow and frustrating. And, of course, that could make you angry. But his basic view was that we needed to fight for our rights and concentrate on the things we could control. And what you can control, he would tell us, is your own performance.”

Ken Chenault, Chairman and CEO of American Express.





Morgan Freeman


If I’ve learned one life-serving lesson, it is that dogged determination pays off. The surest way to lose at any endeavor is to quit.

Morgan Freeman, Academy Award-Winning Actor.





Tavis Smiley

“Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.”

The words of the great writer and poet Samuel Beckett. Words that I have learned to live by. Anyone who has ever succeeded in any human endeavor will tell you that he learned more from his failures than he ever learned from his successes. If he’s being honest.

But a funny thing happens when “success” becomes an individual’s dominant definer. Very few people want to then actually acknowledge the mistakes they’ve made along the way. That’s unfortunate, because it promulgates an artificial concept of “success.”

Tavis Smiley, PBS Host, Author, and Philanthropist


Jeff Immelt

I am humbled by what I don’t know. But I have a passion for learning. I want to learn things on my own terms. I enjoy common tasks, and I know that no job is beneath me. When you are willing to learn, and get your hands dirty and be accountable, people will follow.

Jeff Immelt, CEO of General Electric.



Matt Goldman

If I’d predicted that we would start an elementary school and sit on a panel discussing creativity with two Nobel Prize laureates, a British knight, a psychologist, and the Dalai Lama himself—if we had said all that the first time we went bald and blue, they’d have thrown us into that padded cell and tossed away the key.

But that is what happened. That’s what happened even though a lot of people—smart people, good-willed people, even loved ones and relatives—said that we were crazy. “It’s not reasonable. It’s weird. People won’t get it. It’s too smart. It’s too childish. It’s too strange. There’s not enough humor. There’s too much humor. It’s too long, it’s too short.” You get the picture—we heard all the reasons why it was not going to work. But guess what? It did work.

Matt Goldman, Co-Founder of the Blue Man Group and the Blue School


Alicia Keys

The latest piece of advice that I’m living by is this:

When making a very important business decision, I ask myself, “Would you still do it if you’d never see a dime from it?” I know that may sound crazy—who in the business world doesn’t base part of their decisions on the prospective riches that some action might bring in the future (preferably the near future)? But I find that if the answer to the Question is yes, you will be following the path of your most authentic self.

Alicia Keys, Grammy Award-Winning Artist, Musician, Entrepreneur Actress, and Activist



As said before, the above excerpts are quoted from their talk, the true value will show most when you hear the full story! The book have more than 100 story from ordinary people just like us, with extraordinary inspiring lives. And now I’m very eager to read the remaining five parts of the Best Advice I Ever Got!


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