“I don’t have time to read!” -Mine, and so many others’ excuse

I don’t have time to read.
-Is what I, and many others say who ‘wish’ to read but can’t find the time to hold a book.

Because you are too lazy to read, just like me, here I tell you in brief what this article is saying in couple lines:

1- You don’t have time to read because you have so many things to do.
2- Audiobooks is here to smash this excuse and tell you to listen if you don’t have time to read.
3-The rest of the article is examples and some personal experience, for instance: You can listen to a book WHILE you are working out!! Crazy huh? :p
4-Continue reading if you got a couple more minutes.

I’m lazy, and this is a fact.
I try hard to push myself to workout.
I try hard to push myself to read.
And since this article is about books & reading, let’s stop and focus at this point for now.
Later, I will talk about the human nature, laziness, & sexuality (this thought came to me now).
Let’s stick to books & reading now.

I don’t have time to read, and this is 50% excuse & 50% a fact.

So what I would do to solve this?
Well, for a lot of times, we will acxpet the excuse, and take it as a fact.

However, excuses & laziness will get a human no where, we have to fight excuses, and we have to find a way.

So thanks a god, I have got to know something called : Audiobooks!

Can you imagine, a book that’s being read to you! Isn’t that cool?

Well, whether it’s cool or not, it’s a hammer to strike my excuses, and get into the books world, if not by reading, at least by listening to it being read!

Isn’t this a great service? And a hammer to smash your excuses of : not having a time to read?

Well, for most of us it should be.
For me, most of the time, While working out, I would rather listen to an audiobook, over than the last top hit on MTV.

So I will be doing to productive activities at ONCE, isn’t this time saving, and excuse smashing? Hell yeah it’s for me.

So all I want to say, if you ever thought you don’t have time to read a book, you are definitely having sometime where you can listen to an audiobook while doing something else:

-working out,
-in bed trying to sleep,
-bored to hold a book, and would rather listen to something and stare at your cool room’s wall.
-and many other times you probably can figure out.

At the end, as nerdy as this can look, it really doesn’t need to be. You can listen to any kind of book: a novel, a science fiction, non-fiction, biography of your favorite artist or scientist, literally any kind of books, just read (or listen) to any books, it will make your life way more enjoyable, and save you so much time.

And trust me, switching from my hot Hip Hop & loud Techno music to someone reading a book wasn’t easy to do, and I always kept switching back & forth, sometimes even during a workout when I needed some more action into my ears. You will get used to it, you will enjoy it, and of curse it doesn’t have to be all the time, kept a habit to listen to an audiobook during a workout or some other activities, so you now you can not use the fake excuse: I don’t have a time to read, then do LISTEN to a book and have fun!

Just to let you know, I’m too busy – and lazy – to even write this article, so I wrote when I was too lazy to for for a workout, so I simply want for a walk around the soccer field. And as I walk, I was listening to Steve Jobs Biography by Walter Isaacson, and in the middle of that I stopped the audiobook to write while on my iPhone notes while I was walking around the field. I end up walking 49 minutes, Then I turn on my music to DJ Tiesto and started running 7 rounds, and doing 60 pushups and 60 squats. So though I’m lazy, I’m glad I do my best to fight my laziness.

And yes, I said sometime later I will write about human nature, sexuality, relationships, and laziness, how all this adds up? Well let’s pray I will fight my laziness and find a time to write about this, may be in another lazy day when I just want to walk rather than running and heavy workout.

For now, I hope next time you are to workout, try to listen to an audiobook, or when you are walking, cooking, driving, or any other activity, and I hope you have fun!


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