Shaking Cars: What’s Inside?

Women Rights, and The Collective Men: They Refused to go Back to The Kitchen!

Victory Job

-We, The Society.

We are the best society in controlling women; we wrap them up from head to toe, we prevent them from driving, we prevent them from leaving the house without a male guardian; we are ruling.

-The World War II & Aftermath:

The west has failed in controlling women when they gave them the chance to fill the empty jobs of the men busy at World War II.

Guess what happened after the war?

Women wanted to keep their jobs. What a mockery. They wanted to work, as if they are equal to us, men.

It all happened because of us, when the west allowed them to work during world war II, all the evil women took the chance, as men were busy in the war, they filled the empty factories, and after the war, they showed their real faces: THEY REFUSED TO GO BACK TO THE KITCHEN! are they nuts?

They haven’t realize that men, allowed them to work just because they were busy in the military. And we, the men, have the right to get them back to the kitchen.

-The West Losing Control:

Unfortunately, the western man have lost control. Women have fought to get their right to work. What a shame.

Let’s realize that the men as a collective had never gave women their rights, women had fight for them. Let’s not fail here in controlling our women. Women are dangerous creatures. They want freedom. They want equality. They want to be respected. They want to be independent. They want all this evil characteristics that will loosen our control over them.

-The Collective Men:

Do you see? The collective men of the west and almost everywhere are just like us: they want control over women, they do not want to give them equality, they do not want them to be independent, they are just like us! And guess what? The women everywhere are evil. They want just the opposite: they want freedom, equality and independence. This is not cool. This is not safe. We are losing control.

Can’t we learn from this? Can’t we see that the collective men never gave women their rights? Can’t we see that women are so evil they fight to be independent from us? Let’s not allow what happened to the western men to happen us. Women are evil.

-Men Trial to Re-control:

The good thing is that the west men are trying to keep them under control by putting limitation on what and where they can reach, or making them sex objects. They are just like us, just in a different style. I hope we do not become like this. I hope we become better. Let’s hope we stay in control. We cannot afford independent women. We will feel so useless, right?

-The Evil Women and Their Goals:

If women start to be independent, and have equal rights, how we could feel superiority? How could we allow them to be financially independent? How we could allow them to drive so they do not need to beg us to do simple task as going to the grocery shop? What a shame. We would become useless? No. That’s not fine. That’s dangerous.

-What Will Happen If We Too Lose Control:

You know what will happen if we allow them to drive? Very simple, in late 2005, early 2006, Eminem’, a sociologist and a neurologist, he conducted a study that foretell the aftermath will be:

she goes shaking that ass on the floor
bumpin’ and grindin’ that pole
The way she’s grindin’ that pole
I think I’m losing control

And yes, he also predicted what will happen to us. A women behind the wheel? Doesn’t that turn you on? Yes, we will lose control. That’s not good. That’s dangerous. Let’s wake up before we become equal.

I really do hope we wake up, right?

This is a sign of independence, a sign of waking up, a sign of we, men, losing control.

Just like the western men were in control of women before World War II, we are still successful in this. Let’s not fail like what happened to them. Let’s keep control.

I hope we do not become the same.
I hope we become better.
I hope we keep control.


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