Saudi Utopia

Saudis like their country to be seen as the Perfect World, the Utopia of the world. They do not like it when someone speaks about any negative incident happening inside the country. Each city within the kingdom wants to look so perfect that there’s absolutely no bad within: no stealing, no racism, no poverty, no harassments, no deaths? No life? Oh well. It’s just the perfect Utopia.

So no body like it of you talk about issues especially when it comes to human rights (men, women, racism, etc.).


When someone talks about anything they would say :”fadahtna”, “fashaltna”, thats they see it as a scandal and a shameful (not the incident, but talking about it or even mentioning it).

That’s all being cared about, not the issues, not solving them, but just keeping them hidden, all about image and appearance. 


Long time ago, even I myself used to think we live in a semi-perfect place. I thought there’s no racism, no hatred or unjust toward any race or color. Until I started looking deeply, and looking around carefully, I realized, well, we actually have this and this and that..


I hope we all, not just Saudis, any human being, I hope we realize that speaking up about our problems is just a step into facing them, facing ourselves, and trying to find a solution that fits our own society and culture. 


I know it’s probably not only Saudis who do this, but lets all realize:


No country is a Utopia.


Speak up about your social issues, and work to find solutions.


May be if you speak, someone else will find a solution. It’s a collaboration. We are not perfect. No one is perfect.



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