Saving “Women’s Spinsterhood”

I have came across an article talking about “spinsterhood” issues. The article is in Saudi Gazette and titled Spinsterhood: A social dilemma haunting women?

In the article a women says:

“…at the end, grooms prefer to be single and brides become spinsters.”

The tone of people, and in this article, is very funny. It so funny how they describe the unmarried women as “spinster” while the men are described as single.

Why is that, why do we call the woman spinster and not single?

I guess simply because women are looked upon as having an “expiration date”. And when they pass that date, or age, then they are no longer good for marriage, they are now spinsters, not worthy sex object anymore.

But men got no worries, they can go single for as long as they want, for whatever reason, work, or just “playing around”, and then, without worry, they would be able to find a young women to marry, as young ad they like; 18, 20, or whatever age.

While women do not have this worry-free, and they are the one who have to worry; simply because they cannot go or ask for marriage, but they have to wait for a “male hero” to come to the rescue. And this is one of the reasons many of these women who are getting older, many times accept to be the second wife so they do not remain unmarried and become a “drone” on her parents.( of course there are some younger women who accept to be the second wife to avoid this dilemma or for whatever other reasons).

However, the issue here is about men having the right and ability to marry at any time or age they want, while women have to sit at home and hope and pray to be picked by this “heroic males” before she is “out of luck”.

“She said most women delay marriage intentionally because they want to complete their education. After completing their education, some women find that they are not wanted for marriage. She added, “It is the same with men, they delay marriage because they want to establish themselves only to find out that they are old and still cannot bear the cost of marriage.”

It’s funny how: “some women find that they are not wanted for marriage”, while men: ” find out that they are old and still cannot bear the cost of marriage.”

So for women, it’s about finishing education, and later find out they are not good for marriage anymore, while for men it’s about cost. Does this sound like a human relationship or commerce affairs?

The “late for marriage” expression would not solve the problem either, and would still make no difference. Why calling them anything at all other than that what you call unmarried male: single?

And let me not talk about Polygamy, simply because the Polygamy practiced here is unhealthy. So allowing Polygamy here is just an excuse for males to get more women for sex by “saving the spinsters”.

Of course, the exaggerated wedding expenses is a point, however, it’s just a point within the commerce affairs, not the human relationship.


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