Love Never Dies

Something that is very difficult for some to accept or understand:

I can live without you.

Not that I want too, or wish too.

Just that, if life have chosen different path for us, I would be still:

Able to live without you.

And yes, I would still appreciate the love we had, and in fact, I would still love you, we might have different paths, and move on to a new journey, yet I will always remember and appreciate what we have shared during our journey together.

Regardless of its duration, short or long, even the person you walk along from door to door, is a journey you take together, and there’s definitely something to learn from it, something to appreciate.

So love, and Love Never Dies:

Just a journey, a path can change, love that grows from within, the unconditional love, never dies, even if the path changes, even if you never meet again, love lives within.

Can You Forget Love, or Should You?
And I think, a mistake many temp to do, is to try to “forget” the love, “forgot” the person, “forgot” the relationships. Love can never be forgotten. What can happen, is a displacement, a replacement of love, with something else. Unfortunately this something at many times is a negative emotion; hate, unappreciation, dislike, regret, and such negative emotions. Unfortunately, I have done this before, and many of us are still doing this.

This is a misunderstanding of the situation. A misunderstanding of life events. When path changes, we think the relationship has failed, so we turn the positive emotions into negative ones, and end the relationship with negatives. While in fact the change of paths do not have to replace love with hate or regret, it should rather add appreciation to what is existing, and then move to a new path.

Therefore, the more appropriate action to do, is to understand that Love Never Dies, and it can only be appreciated, or replaced with negative emotions.

So why do we put negative emotions in its place?

Do we have to replace it with negativity in order to move on?

Why don’t we add the appreciation, gratefulness, and move to the new path?

This post is inspired by

The 4 Worst Things We Do Immediately After Falling in Love by Gladstone.


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