Busy VS Accomplished

We always say we are busy. We are too busy to use facebook. Too busy to use twitter. Too busy to hangout with some friends. And do not have time for this or that. But the question is, what are we busy with? What is it occupying our time and making us “busy”?

I have stopped using Facebook and Twitter since awhile, now I have to ask myself,  how am I using the time I used to spent on Facebook & Twitter? What am I using it in? Am I taking real use of this time? Or did I just eventually unconsciously indulged myself with other time wasters and became “busy”?

These are questions I have to openly ask myself, and so do you if you have been in a similar situation trying to make the most of your time: Are you being busy or accomplishing?

The answer to this question will depend on your actual goal, what you are trying to accomplish, and then looking whether what you are busy with does build the stairway toward your goal or not.

So the simple question is:
Does what you busy with pave the way toward your goal?

Or are you just being busy with random things that adds no value to your life nor help you achieve your goals? As mentioned in the article If You Want To Be Successful, Don’t Confuse Being Busy With Getting The Right Things Done , it talks about how John Wooden speaks about not confusing activity with accomplishment.

Activities are things we are busy with that probably has no real value within them(Facebook & Twittet are not necessarily one of them, depending on how we using them, although they can easily be). An accomplishment is like a stone you add to your stairway, a step that builds up to reach your final goal.

So the question should not be: Are you busy? But rather: Are you busy with worthy tasks? Are you busy with tasks of value?

Divide everything you do as either an activity or an accomplishment to know how “busy” you actually are.

Inspired by: If You Want To Be Successful, Don’t Confuse Being Busy With Getting The Right Things Done


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