Unfinished Life: One More Day

One More Day..

Are you living everyday, unconsciously going through some sort of that propably goes like this:

Wake Up, Get Up, Stand Up,
Go to the bathroom,
Take the brush out and stick it in your mouth and move it in and out untill your mouth is filled with some gel and then you spit it out.

You shower and you touch all the places that not so many people get to touch so you touch them pretty roughly then you spill the water all other your body, get out of the shower and dry your body like you have never been wet.

Then you walk outside the bath to cover some part of your body and leave some parts out. Then you move toward the streets and before you out you put your feets inside some holes of your shoes of curse. Then you head out to what? To school? To work? May be you drive may be someone else do the drive.

How excited are you for today? Good. Not excited at all just a routine you have been programmed and you feel you have no other choice no more?

Huh. You spend your day at work looking at the clock: when do we take off I’m too bored. And as soon as you take off and you get back home, do you go back to the bathroom?

May be. Then may be you spend time with some friends may be you just too tired to move out of your roof so you stay in until you sleep again and go back next day to the bathroom again.

And you go through the same shit. Shit what the heck have you been doing with your life, other than a machine living a routine and probably doing something you definelty do not freaking know why except for the money. Money? What is that? Is that what you are being a slave for doing things you give no shit about? Why? Of curse we need money, smart ash, why not getting it through something you love? Ah. Whatever.

How did you get to that circular path making you a slave for something you don’t care about?

What if you could do something of worth, something make you feel like a human being, living, and alive.

You know what’s worse? May be it is if you have lived all this day, today, and yesterday, and tomorrow, and you have no idea about the time has passed and you have done nothing of worth.


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