Happy Valentine – عيد الحب

Happy Valentine!!

Love is to be shared, and expressed, it’s not to be held in silence.

A couple years ago, I wrote the Prayer Of Love poem ( صلاة الحب) which did receive many hits on that day, and still does. Until today, my blog has the most views at once in that day, and that post still holds the number one most viewed post in my blog.

Did I say the number one?

The one?

Since The Prayer Of Love, I dont know if I truly understands love. If you ask me what’s love, I can’t find any better way to describe it other than: yearning.

Yearning,  اشتياق، شوق.

Love is yearning.

Yearning is Love.

It’s the feeling you get when you are around someone, and deep inside you, you just wonder: how would it be if you were around that one other person? The person occupying the largest space in your brain memory.

You are around someone, and you just wish, it’s that one other person, if even for a moment, or forever.

Forever, is’t real?

Would you stop running?

Would you ever be around that person?

You wish? I wish too.

Confused? Me too.

With Love,
Happy Valentine.


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