Unprocessed Mental How & Which & Why


How many books I have left unfinished?

How many books I reached near the end, and abandoned and dumped?

How many books are left untouched on your huge bookshelf?

Don’t you know, it’s not worth it to buy, and let it be covered by dust?


What books should I read, I thought?

The ones about Music, about Vocal Awareness? About Relationships, or about Money, Business and Success? Which one.

Which one should you care for.


Or more.

Should You read it all,

or as the Saying goes: The fastest way to read a book is to throw it away?

Which Ones?

And which one you should?

Would You, Ever, Start,

Or just, keep talking.

Keep talking.

Keep writing this,

And that.

Would You Stop.



Have you processed,

Your thought,


Ready or not?

Isn’t this part of a song lyrics?

Is your mind real,

Is he kidding me?

That’s not funny, mind.

Be real.



Be Aware.

You need to wake up.

A waking up call.

From me,

To me.

This letter,

Is for,

Every one,

Of me.

Every Part:

Mind, Soul, Body, and Heart.

Wait, how is that four?

Aren’t they Either:

Mind, Body & Soul.

Mind, Body, & heart.

Are they four?


I don’t care.

I care.

But I don’t know where this is going.

Ha Ha.

I know where it’s going.

It’s going.. no where!

Do you wanna go..?

To no where..!!

I believe not,

You wanna go somewhere,

Don’t you?

Now decide,


What you should do next,

After now,

And since this last point and beyond this .

(Did you get anything, anywhere out of this blah la la thought you just spilled, dear mind? Did you actually wanted something out of it, in the beginning, then the words flow, and got lost, you did, in a river of letters and words and commas and points and exclamation and question marks, did you get anything about why you started this?

I mean you started this wondering:

Which books you should read first.

Which books should you care for more?

Did you get an answer, to any of that?

“I guess, so”

And I hope So.



Mixed Parts of Me.

And You.

Djing Mind? Stop, Control, Pause, Solve. Sleep Calm.
(wake up calm, actually, and act smart, read smart, be, you are, you will, and We Will, be I.)


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