Three Shots To Intoxication

S1: You

I want to drink you,
All of you,
I want,
To be intoxicated,
By your ghost,
Not by you,
I’m all over,
A dream of you.

I don’t even know,
If I love you,
As much as I,
Love your ghost.

I just wish,
For a touch,
of either of you.

Can you feel my heart?
It’s not beating.

S2: Me

Are you walking,
To my home?
Or your home?
Our home, is destroyed.

S3: They wish to be closer

Three shots,
No one dies,
No one new,
Just the old,
The new,
In jail being destroyed.

It’s okay,
No one knows of them,
Not their parents,
Not even their children.
Hiss, don’t wake up the young girl,
She thinks daddy at work.


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