Universal Law: Nothing Is Free

It’s a lie. No thing is for free. It’s a natural universal law. To get anything in life, the minimum down payment you have to put is your time. Which you are paying. Constantly. So without paying time as a minimum payment, you will get nothing. Yes, that’s the only thing you get for free: nothing.

If you want anything, you have to make the minimum down payment: time. (And usually you are required to pay additional charges: effort).

So wake up, and get over it, nothing is the only free thing you will get if you paid nothing!

Not even love, it’s not free! Time is definitely a minimum payment down here!

So go ahead!
Pay the ones you love!
Pay your goals,
Pay your dreams,
Pay for your needs,
Pay for anything you want,
Pay time,
Pay effort,
And get what you pay for!

I have paid to give you this, and you as well are now paying to receive it!

It’s a universal natural law, you have to give, in order to receive.

And hopefuly, the time I’m paying now, and the time you are paying now, is worth it to both of us.

To me, by writing, I’m learning and confirming this to myself, so I keep an eye on my payments,

And to you, to realize clearly what you might already know unconsciously: to pay for whatever you want, because otherwise, all you will get is: nothing!

So let’s wake up, If we do not pay: time and/or effort, we will get nothing!

So yes, pay for you goals! Pay for your dreams! pay for the ones you love!


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