Blurry Blue Light

You see their smile,
And hear their laughs,
Their life so perfect,
You are so jealous,
Have you seen the blue inside?

You hear the music,
You are so relaxed,
You are so happy,
There’s hope,
In music.

You had your faith all settled down,
Music, a cup of tea,
And all your secrets drawn,
By ink on paper.

Have you breathed this music before?

At day time,
While everyone is at a nap,
You are wondering,
Why this sound, sounds so familiar?

Nothing makes sense,
I mean, everything rhymes,
What notes have you been playing?

Have you played a note,
And heard something else?

To each note a sound,
To each play a dance.

God rhymes,
Life dances.

Would We Ever Dance,
To God’s Rhymes?


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