Destiny is an Excuse – Part 1

Note: A spoken poetry is to be read vociferously

Destiny is an Excuse – Part 1

I do not believe in destiny
For I can choose now
To eat, to wait, to let go
Or to recite this to you.
Or to be lazy
And blame destiny
I do not believe in full control
For there are other people, and forces
And nature and gravity and noise

To minimize as much as possible
To respond and not react
To take responsibility
To not blame destiny
As my choices made who I’m
Where I’m
With respect to the latitude and longitude
With respect to nature laws
And society constrains

We are responsible.

Who we are
Made by choices and consequences
Subconsciously creating I.

With respect to.

We are products of our environment, if you don’t like your product, change your environmentTranslationsOfTheInvisible

Or die trying.

Yes, we can be limited by society and environment, but,
Destiny is an excuse.

Destiny is an excuse.
You are not destined to reach anywhere,

but what you walk towards.

You can choose to pick up a guitar, a piano, and start learning today.
You can choose to read a book

You can choose to do
to try
to fight, or choose to,
blame destiny.


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