Should I Date You

They say date someone who makes you happy, and once I heard a song- or a movie- says, I wouldn’t waste time with you to grow up, and someone else once said, move on, if it doesn’t make you happy.

How selfish is that, I once thought, you would only date me if I’m perfect? Perfect tall, perfect eyes, perfectly having all my life in control?

You would only date me when I’m good, walking on the right path, know my way, and what’s cold, how cold is that.

You would only date me if I’m “fully grown up”, and figured out all my flaws and confusions, and holding heaven in my hands.

How filthy, stingy, greedy, rapacious heart, don’t you know once a person reach this land, they have been broken, beaten, lost a hundred times, and you just want to have it all, without walking with them a foot in the oozey land?

Someone else did, someone else was the step, the rock, the mountain, the dust, the vague, the fog,

Someone else did give up on you,
Someone else you have gave up on,
Someone else,
Does it always have to be, someone else?

Before you grow into this mature, smart, healthy relationship mind and heart, were broken and destructed, and may be abused, and deceively used in places one have no idea, how is that.

How is that all possible, to lose thought in the middle of a fight, with ink and paper, to lay it all down, and be yourself,
and let it go, and just,

For a second.

Let me go back to the first question,

Would you only date me when I’m perfect?

Should I, only date you when you are perfect,
and have it all.

-Figure out.


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