Where Have I Been

I know I haven’t post much since so long, so my previous post – Should I Date You – is my first post since almost four months, but not quite four months.

Anyhow, I have been less or more still on social media, may be less, I’m not sure, but definitely have been much more on Tumblr.

Did you say Tumblr too? Yes, I have one too, go check out mine if you would like!


It’s mostly “Poems”, i.e. written thoughts into lines and breaks that could rhyme and hit or collide, or even collapse.

And, unlike my WordPress, it’s 99.99% only English.

Check it out, if you miss me here, or if you just, wanna take a peep.

And I know, I have to find a time to read on what posts you have been writing, and I need to check out on my new followers too, sure I will find a time– when I have a laptop mostly, which mostly these days I’m only on net- on a phone.


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