Still kicking

This poem was inspired by a friend: Still Kicking

Since the day I came
It was dark
I didn’t understand
What I’m to do in this space
I felt attached to something
But, it wasn’t comfortable
Or may be it was,
But I was scared,
I was kicking
I could hear voices

Still kicking,
Anyone’s there?
I cried kicking
Get me out of here
I can’t breathe!
Though I had my
Food, and drink,
It was warm somehow
But I was afraid,
And kicking.

Still kicking,
Since the first dark,
I was afraid of light,
I was afraid of going out,
But I didn’t want to stay in,
I was kicking,
I didn’t know what I want,
To stay,
Or to leave,
Before it begin,
I was kicking,
Since the day of dark,
Still kicking.


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